Wilesco D24 Model Steam Engine

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The D24 is the largest stationary steam engine from the Wilesco range. Comes complete with brass boiler, capacity 570cm3 built into mirror polished boiler shaped brass jacket to improve insulation (2 3/4"D, 6 1/2"L) with water gauge glass and water drain valve. Boiler house true to life colored and copper-plated, with embossed brick type walls, fire door, 2 foot-bridges with railing and 2 ladders. Double-acting reversible brass piston and cylinder, spring loaded safety valve, steam whistle with chain, flywheel (4"D) with large grooved pulley and sturdy attractive die-cast piston rods, and an artificial centrifugal governor to give a realistic working appearance. Instrument panel with steam regulator valve, pressure gauge and steam jet oiler. Painted metal base plate measures 16 1/2"L x 13"W x 15 3/4"H (including smoke stack).